Clothes that will steal your heart, as unique as the bride who will wear them. Zoe Kidman's creations have the power to spread around theirselves magic and splendour and make the wearer a true princess.

Feminine, solar and lovely, they are the symbol of a bridal high fashion who is pure joie de vivre and a timeless elegance where the classical and the modern blend together to create a new fresh and original couture.

The finest fabrics, thanks to considerable tailoring and masterful craftsmanship, turn into poetry and bloom like flowers in the skilled hands of the seamstresses and embroiderers.

Every wedding dress becomes a Love promise because it's born from Love for the Couture of Zoe Kidman and ends on the body of a woman in Love. This is why each model is so unique and special.

Everything is naturally made to measure, in all senses, because, besides the suit, it is make especially the love dream exactly how imagined by the bride. Listen to her, advise her and make her happy and beautiful is the authentic mission of this brand that are targeting women who want to wear a wedding dress really special, absolutely different from those already seen and reviewed on bridal magazines or worn by people who so far has been married.

And of a gown women fall in love with their eyes, immediately, at the moment. It's like an brainwave, a new love at first sight after that felt towards the love of their life to whom they want to say yes but leaving him gaping and forever in love with her woman who, in this special day, will be the fairest of them all. It is this the will that comes on every future bride. Not the vanity, but seduction and a desire of absolute and total femininity that an extraordinary amazing wedding gown can gift to her.

Zoe Kidman knows how to make an emotion and not there is bride who can't find among so many amazing models the one that she always dreamed of wearing during the most romantic day of her life. A dress in which she looks at it, she likes it, she recognizes herself and she feels comfortable. Because there is always a great complicity between a dress and a woman.

So always and it is especially in the wedding day when the dress and the women are almost one thing, inseparable, in a loving symbiosis that will last all the day.

With extraordinary embroidery, volumes perfectly studied and silhouettes that exalt the female body shapes, the brand of wedding high fashion Zoe Kidman managed to establish itself in short in the international market, as a breeze of fresh air that the universe of bridal really needed.

Zoe Kidman is a bon ton, chic and refinedfairy tale for anyone who has read a lot of fairy tales as a child dreaming of the handsome Prince and now, become a woman, wants to write her own, unique and special, to tell everytime feeling always the same intense emotion.

Perhaps the love is blind, or so they say, but the eyes of a bride of Zoe Kidman are wide open looking for the absolute Beauty who knows they can find only in the atelier of this marvellous brand where the dresses are the expression of a happy moment that is a wonderful goal but, at the same time, a starting point. And there is nothing better than to take the first steps of this extraordinary journey wearing a Zoe Kidman creation.





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